Striving to leave our planet better off. $7.95 flat rate postage.

Join the Daisy Chain Clothing circular economy

Our purpose at Daisy Chain Clothing is to create a community of like minded parents and grandparents who are passionate about environmental sustainability. A community that believes in recycling, reusing and allowing others to utilise what already exists.

A big part of how we acquire our children's clothing is through donations. As a thank you for clothing donations, we either provide you with a voucher for our store, or make a donation to one of our charity partners. 

If you'd like to join our growing circular clothing community: 

  1. Fill out the below form indicating the weight of your donation and from where it will be sent.
  2. Daisy Chain Clothing will send you a prepaid tracked compostable mailing satchel to fill with your clothes.
  3. Drop the satchel off at your local Australia Post Box / Office
  4. Once received, Daisy Chain Clothing will provide you with either:
    • a store credit (25% of the resale value) as a thank you for your donation, or
    • make a charitable donation ($5 for every kilo of reusable clothing) to one of our charity partners. 

Please note:

* We are currently only accepting baby & children's clothing.

* Must be in good condition (no holes, obvious stains / marks, fully functioning zippers, poppers, elastic not perished etc.)