Affordable, Convenient & Sustainable

About Us


Our Story: 

We’re a mum & dad team who opted for a change from corporate life to allow us to spend more time caring for family (those growing up and those growing old).

After experiencing first-hand how quickly children grow and outgrow their (sometimes barely worn, sometimes never worn) clothes, what started out as a small idea has snowballed into what Daisy Chain Clothing is today – a convenient & affordable place to buy quality-assured pre-loved children’s clothing.

Our aim is to save you time, save you money, and together do our bit to help save the environment.

While sustainability is increasingly on every parent’s mind, for many families purchasing sustainably produced children’s clothing is simply outside of their budget.

Our pre-loved (second-hand) clothing not only saves you money, it means you’re also helping to save the environment for our precious little ones by keeping clothing out of landfill for that much longer and not adding to it by buying more new clothes.

Didn’t we all have hand-me-downs when we were kids? Join us in our Daisy Chain revolution to choose second-hand first!


    Doing Our Bit for the Environment: 

    We love our compost bin, worm farm, rain tanks and home-grown veggies (unfortunately, so does our local possum!)

    We also love that we’ve found packaging & delivery partners to lessen the environmental impact of our business.

    • We ship our orders in plastic-free, compostable shipping mailers from Hero Packaging (on rare occasions this may not be possible, in which case we use satchels that can be recycled through the REDcycle scheme)


    • We use Sendle’s 100% carbon neutral shipping service as our first choice of delivery (if we are unable to use Sendle, we use Australia Post)